Baby Panda’s Café- Be a Host of Coffee Shop & Cook App Download 2018

Baby Panda’s Café- Be a Host of Coffee Shop & Cook App Download 2018

Baby Panda's Café- Be a Host of Coffee Shop & Cook App 2018 Feature

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Ever wanted to be a host of a Coffee Shop? Ever Wanted to be a cookand make coffee, flower tea, yummy cakes, delicious beverages andmore on your own ? Bring your fantasy to life with tasty coffee inBaby Panda’s Café ! Baby Panda’s Café will make your dream comture! Cook this amazing coffee by collecting the ingredients, forexample,coffee bean, vanilla, flowers, chocolate, coco, as well aspreparing your coffee and flower tea before decorating and drinkingthem. Perfect treat to drink and eat, invite your friends to yoursuper Café!

Baby Panda’s Café is open. As a host of a Coffee Shop, you have tostart your journey of being a cook! Get dressed with chef’s apronand hat, and prepare for your Baby Panda’s Café! Are you ready?Little Café Host? When delicious coffee, cakes, and flower tea havebeen finished, you can sell them to your little friends. Look! Yoursmall customers at the your Coffee shop are waiting and hungrynow.

You need to arrange seats for your little friends and help themorder from the menu! To meet their needs,you’ll be busy with makingtheir favorite drinks, desserts, salad, donuts,cakes and all kindsof yummy food! When the guests leave, remember to clean up thetable. Your intimate service can help you to bring more and moresmall customers!

Best Kids Role Play Game – Baby Panda’s Café:
1. Get Busy: Starting your Café with serving your customers,helping them order from the menu.
2. Be a Coffee Maker: Ice cream, pizza, drink, cake, flower tea,doughnut… Which kind of food do the small guests like best?
3. Cool Kitchen Tools: You can operate the coffee machine, breadmachine, juicer and more cool machines to make deliciousfood!
4. Make sandwiches with vegetables or bacon? Make a heart-shapedcookie or a little bear biscuit? It all depends on you!
5. The guests have finished their meals. Go and help them to checkout.
6. Remember to clean up the table. Don’t let the guests wait toolong!
7. Ah! There are more and more guests at your coffee shop. You needto speed up, little cook!
8. Exploring cooking by using varieties of ingredients in creativeway.
9. Collecting gold coins to unlock more yummy food recipes. Createdelicious new recipes and explore numerous internationalcuisines!

Features of Baby Panda’s Café:
1. Be a host of a Coffee Shop, and experience the pleasure ofrunning a coffee shop!
2. Take orders, Serve food and handle cash in Baby Panda’sCafé!
3. Role Play for Kids: Improve kids’ hands-on ability by making allkinds of food and drinks !
4.Take care of your customers to make them happy!
5. Funny character reaction will make you giggle.
6. Café kitchen and coffee shop recipes, inspiring kids’imagination and creativity.
7. Enjoy the fun of making your own coffee! Taste all the differentcoffee and dessert flavors you want!
8. Learn time management skills as super cashier!
9. Easy to use and simple to understand: vivid movement, touchcontrols, a detailed screen and more!

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