Bird Song Id USA Automatic Recognition songs calls v9 Apk Free Download 2018

Bird Song Id USA Automatic Recognition songs calls v9 Apk Free Download 2018

Bird Song Id USA Automatic Recognition songs calls App 2018 Feature

Identify birds of the eastern states by theirsongs and calls with Bird Song Id.

Includes Automatic Recognition to help identify bird song. We havenow included the West coast as well, so the app works for theentire USA!

Make your own bird song recordings and keep a bird songdiary.

Bird Song Id is the most functional Bird Song app on the market byfar.

Have you ever heard a bird singing and wondered “What kind of birdis that?”. Bird Song Id is a great tool to help you learn toquickly and easily identify birds by their songs and calls. Itsgreat fun to use too. With Bird Song Id, identification can beenjoyed by the whole family.

Bird Song Id has been created by professional published ecologists.The app does not need an internet connection, all songs and callsare downloaded when the app is purchased, over two hundred speciesare included.

We have included an early version of Automatic Recognition in theapp for you to try. We hope this feature will help you identifycommon bird species. However, it needs a good quality recording towork, and takes a bit of time and patience to get used to.Automatic Recognition takes place on the device, no connection tothe internet or mobile network is needed.

How successful is it ? Our aim is to get the correct bird in thetop three of those listed. In our testing of over 1,000 samples wefound the success rate of Bird Song Id to be 85%.

Remember this is an early release of this innovative feature, soplease be gentle. A demo is available on YouTube.

————— HELP —————-
Automatic Recognition needs a good quality recording of thebird
Remove the case from your device if you use one as this willsignificantly dampen the microphone
Only record when it is very quiet, apart from the bird singing ofcourse
Be close to the bird singing, as close as you can be withoutdisturbing it
Only record when a single bird is singing, or when a single bird isdominant
The analysis graph should have plenty of blue and green colors withfew or no black peaks
Be patient, dont expect miracles, the system works but needs goodclear recordings
The peaks on the Bird Song Id graph should reach all the way to thetop. Low peaks indicate poor quality and recognition isunlikely
The highest score should be above 80% to be useful. Below this andthe system is telling you it is not sure what the song is
A difference between two birds of less than 10% is not thatsignificant, so listen to the samples from both to help youfurther
See the samples for how the analysis graph should look
Find the microphone on your device, point it towards the bird
Record a single bird at a time
Capture at least two singing episodes if you can
Record for the full 30 seconds
Avoid windy conditions when using Bird Song Id. Air moving over themicrophone will mask the bird sounds
Make sure there is plenty of life in the battery. Your device willreduce power going to the microphone as the battery runs down
Some devices such as large tablets have poor microphones and anexternal mic may be needed to get good quality recordings
Playing songs to the app from recorded material on the internet,other apps or CDs is unlikely to work as this material is digitallyprocessed and edited (inter phase gaps are often shortened). Theysound very different to recording birds for real on an iPhone oriPad in the natural environment.

Download Bird Song Id USA Automatic Recognition songs calls App 2018

App Name Bird Song Id USA Automatic Recognition songs calls
Package Name com.isoperla.birdsongidusa
Version v9
Rating 4.1 ( 89 )
Requirement Android 5.0 and up
Updated 2017-04-15
Installs 1,000 - 5,000

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