Home Workout Guide for Men; Exercises & fitness 1.0.8 Apk Free Download 2018

Home Workout Guide for Men; Exercises & fitness 1.0.8 Apk Free Download 2018

Home Workout Guide for Men; Exercises & fitness App 2018 Feature

Home workouts and fitness exercises in videoisavailable here. Bodybuilding and six packs abs are everyone’sdream.Care about their health and fitness along with. If you traintheseworkouts and exercises daily and make it a part of yourlifestyle,you achieve six packs abs and strong body for sure. Anexerciseguide or trainer is a must for that. Men think some randomexercisesmake it possible, but studies prove that we have toperform orpractice particular workouts for a definite time foreach muscles.For abdominal muscles, you perform one, for chestmuscles, you doanother. Either you get a fitness trainer or join afitness club orinstall this and train yourselves. These workoutsgives you physicalas well as mental strength. Healthy diets willdouble the impact. Doyou know that running, ride motionboard orskateboard, swimming oreven walking is an exercise?

In this app, you get specific and different exercises foreachmuscles and illustrated with videos. It includes workouts forAbs,Chest, Neck, Back, Shoulder, Biceps, Triceps, Forearm,Glutes,Hamstrings, Thighs and Calves muscles. It includes squat,sit up,push up, pull up, chin up, stretch, swing, crunch, press andotherworkouts. This app is an essential exercise guide for selftrainedbodybuilders and thus it act as a personal trainer for eachone ofyou. Do you wonder why these are called home workouts orexercises?These are performed without any gym equipments.

If you perform these fitness exercises daily and make itasroutine, you can get rid or at least control of chronicdiseaseslike diabetes, heart or cardio diseases, Asthma, Backpain,Arthritis, etc.

HEART DISEASES: Regular exercise can help improve yourhearthealth. Recent studies have shown that interval training isoftentolerated well in people with heart disease, and it canproducesignificant benefits.

DIABETES: Regular exercise can help insulin moreeffectivelylower your blood sugar level. Physical activity also canhelp youcontrol your weight and boost your energy.

ASTHMA: Often, exercise can help control the frequencyandseverity of asthma attacks.

BACK PAIN: Regular low-impact aerobic activities canincreasestrength and endurance in your back and improve musclefunction.Abdominal and back muscle exercises (core-strengtheningexercises)may help reduce symptoms by strengthening the musclesaround yourspine.
ARTHRITIS: Exercise can reduce pain, help maintain musclestrengthin affected joints and reduce joint stiffness.

Now you know how these workouts provide you health andfitness.Hard workouts like power lifting will strengthen your bodymusclesvery fast. Soft workouts like walking may take time but youdon’thave to take much strain. Most people need six pack stomachandflat belly. They have to do bodybuilding workouts as aroutineeveryday and make a life style.

This app allow you to achieve great results, within ashortperiod of time. It allows you to create your own program thatwillfit your needs. In addition, It has an extensive collectionofexercises for every muscle, with a detailed description andvideofor each exercise. Our App provides workout plans forbodybuilding,power-lifting and fitness.

Wish you everyone all the physical and mental strength,fitness,success and great health in your life. Use our app and letus knowthe feedback.

Download Home Workout Guide for Men; Exercises & fitness App 2018

App Name Home Workout Guide for Men; Exercises & fitness
Package Name com.leftoverweb.homeexercisesmen
Version 1.0.8
Rating 4.4 ( 1,355 )
Requirement Android 3.0 and up
Updated 2016-11-13
Installs 100,000 - 500,000

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